Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thinking Big vs. Thinking Small

Most of us have heard the expression that it takes just as much energy to think big as it does to think small. What exactly does this mean? We thought it would be fun to inspire your imagination in this area. Here is a helpful exercise that works best when done with a pen and paper.

1. Pick an area or a task in your life where you feel challenged.

2. Write about this challenge in detail. What are the various components? Who is involved? What makes this area of your life seem challenging? Invest some time getting in touch with your thoughts and feelings, and describe them in detail. Can you identify your beliefs that make your situation seem so challenging?

3. Form an intention to connect with your mind and your mental reasoning. This is the part of you that is logical, likes to analyze, and is rational. Spend some time writing the various solutions and possibilities that come to mind. Notice the amount of mental energy you are using. Notice if your solutions attempt to control your environment, the people, or the circumstances in your life.

4. Put down your notebook and move your body, as you are able. Listen to some music and dance. You could even do a short exercise workout. The idea here is to clear your head and get energy moving through your body for at least ten to fifteen minutes. This will help you let go of the energetic nature of "effort."

5. After you invigorate your body, sit back down with your pen and paper. Invest some time imagining what it would be like if you had incredible amounts of support in your life. Allow your imagination room to fantasize. The support can can come from willing family, friends, angels, guides--even helpful strangers. Imagine ways you could interact with those who help you. Imagine yourself thinking big and sharing your ideas and possible solutions with whoever wants to be a helpful facilitator. Write out as many possible uncensored scenarios as your heart and imagination can dream up. Most importantly, have as much fun imagining as you can.

6. After you complete the dreaming stage of this exercise, place your writings in a place that is sacred to you. You might want to put them under your pillow or put them in a special "dream box." After you find a sacred place for them, allow yourself to let go of trying to figure everything out. Feel yourself aligning with your heart and with trust. Perhaps in the days to come a flash of intuition will enter your mind and present you with a new solution. Maybe "helpers" will mysteriously appear in your life to give you a hand. The possibilities for how you can create support for your challenges are infinite!

- Kirk VandenBerghe


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Kaoru said...

Thanks, Kirk. I would be happy to to add your link to your article. Thanks for allowing me to pass your work on and spread it with the world. You are making a difference and people should know who you are. Keep up the good work!