Friday, March 29, 2013

Amazing Talents And Gifts

Appreciate yourself and take the time to deeply love yourself. We all have amazing talents and gifts that no one else has. Don’t let them go to waste.

It Shows You The Path

Love the light because it shows you the path and love the darkness as it will show you the stars.

To Those . . .

To those I may have wronged, I ask for forgiveness. To those I may have helped, I wish I did more. To those I neglected to help, I ask for your understanding. To those who helped me, I sincerely thank you so much.

Appreciate All That You Have

The blind only wish to see, the deaf only wish to hear and the mute only wish to speak. Things that seem such of little value to some can be ALL that someone else wants – appreciate all that you have because there are many less fortunate. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Criticism Opens You Up To New . . .

Criticism opens you up to new perspectives and new ideas you may not have considered. Whenever someone challenges you, they help expand your thinking.

The Gift Of Your Friendship Is More Precious To Me Than . . .

Friends are golden rays of sunlight when we need warmth, the cool comfort of shade when we need rest, the silver path of the moon glow when we feel lost and need to find our way in this world. The gift of your friendship is more precious to me than any words could say.

The Opposite Of Failing Is Not Succeeding

Failure keeps you grounded, success keeps you alert, but only faith and determination keeps you going. So stay focused, and celebrate your efforts, not your outcomes. Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what gives life meaning. Remember that the opposite of failing is not succeeding; the opposite of failing is trying.

Solve Your Problems

Don’t expect people to come and solve your problems. This is something you have to do yourself.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Be Grateful For Anything

Being grateful will always make you happy. If you’re finding it hard to be grateful for anything, sit down close your eyes and take a long slow breath and be grateful for oxygen. Every breath you take is in sync with someone’s last.

You May Need Someone To Take Your Hand

Even though, you may be a strong person, every now and then, you my need someone to take your hand and tell you everything will be okay.


You are your own best friend and your own biggest critic. Regardless of the opinions of others, at the end of the day the only reflection starting back at you in the mirror is your own. Accept everything about yourself – EVERYTHING!

Glory Lasts Forever

Personal glory lasts forever!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Act In Kind

When you are happy and satisfied with yourself personally, you act in kind, happy and loving ways toward the people around you.  Because you are comfortable inside, no matter how negative people might act toward you at times, you stay calm and collected, responding out of love and confidence to their behavior – for that is who you are on the inside, and you give out that which is within.

Do It With Dignity And Grace

Nothing lasts forever, and this is exactly why you need to learn to detach from things, places and people in your life.  When the time comes to say goodbye, let them all go and to do it with dignity and grace.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Give Without Expectations

Give without expectations: Teach, Give love and kindness unconditionally to your loved ones. While we usually see giving as a way to getting something, it is incredibly satisfying to let go of this expectation.

Be Nice To Yourself

If you don’t like what someone else says to you, you can walk away. But if you don’t like what you say to yourself, you can’t walk away. Therefore, if you’re going to be with yourself all the time, you might as well be nice to yourself.

Friday, March 22, 2013

This Too Shall Pass

Remind others who are down that “this too shall pass,” absolving them of their current struggles, while simultaneously reminding yourself that life is fleeting, so do well by others.

What What You Imagine

Want what you have: Imagine in your mind the idea of losing your loved ones, being homeless, and being ripped away from the comfort of life’s luxuries. Do this routinely and you will suddenly feel a sense of happiness when you realize you have more than enough.

Accept Your Weaknesses

Your strength lies in your ability to be okay with your weaknesses: We don’t have to be ashamed of our weaknesses. We’re human we all have them. When you simply accept that you have weaknesses, you can stop spending so much energy trying to hide them.

Breathe Out The Past

Whenever you’re about to start something new, whether it’s a diet you've abandoned a dozen times, a new job, or a new relationship, practice letting go of the past as often as you can. Breathe out the past before you go to bed, and then when you wake up in the morning, pledge your day to stay in the moment as often as possible.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Little Boost For You

Down in the dumps and can’t get out of it. Relive your best memory. Pull up a wonderful, happy memory and take a few minutes to dwell on it. Go through all the details and feel the feelings you had then. Now there’s a little boost for you.

Beauty Is Catching

Appreciate beauty. It’s all around you. Just look for it. When you see it on the outside, you may feel it on the inside. Beauty is catching.

Are Your Thoughts Working For You

Consider your thoughts – are they hopeful, positive, optimistic or fear, guilt, and worry based (in either case how is that working for you?).

Your Best Performance

If you give your best performance today and try your best that is sometimes all you have to hold onto when life comes to a screeching halt. For instance when you find out you have a terminal disease, have a life altering accident that will end in your demise or lose a loved one, you will feel grief. In the midst of your grief you can find some peace in knowing that for at least today you gave your best performance.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It’s easy to be thankful for the ‘good’ things. Yet, a life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are thankful for the setbacks.

Each Door Is Flung Open To The World Outside

We are born into a vast room, whose walls consist of a thousand doors of possibility. Each door is flung open to the world outside, and the room is filled with light and noise. We close some of the doors deliberately, sometimes with fear, sometimes with calm certainty. Others seem to close by themselves, some so quietly that we do not even notice. 

Outlast The Disbelievers

If you believe in it and you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it, then you will become it. Have faith, be strong and have the perseverance to outlast the disbelievers.

Embrace All Their Imperfections

When we are looking for someone to love, we do so with images of perfection in our mind. They are true, beautiful, and good. But when we decide to love someone, we do so by embracing all their imperfections, knowing that we too, need to be embraced despite our own flaws.

Monday, March 18, 2013

What You Have

Whatever you are willing to put up with is exactly what you will have.

What Most People Really Want

What most people really want is someone to listen, to respect and understand them. When they realize that you understand them, they are motivated to understand your viewpoint.

Some Is In Your Life For A Reason

When someone is in your life for a reason, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty; to provide you with guidance and support; to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend, and they are. They are there for a reason you need them to be.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is the ability to accept, respect, and care for yourself and others without any conditions, limitations or reservations attached to that love.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Life Taught Me To Never Judge

Life taught me to never judge when I am mad, when I am angry. But it’s human nature to lose one’s cool, to blow one’s top, to throw one’s temper out the window, to simmer in anger and to spew venom in vain. Hold it! Maturity is the mother of tact, of control, of diplomacy. And maturity means counting from one to 100 before speaking with a livid tongue. By the time you reach counting up to 77, 88 or 99, you have already realized that getting angry is punishing yourself for the mistakes of others.

Love And Be Loved

Life is short, so learn to give and receive love. Love and be loved.

Friday, March 15, 2013

See Things Differently

Remember there is more than one perspective on everything in life. Allow others to see things differently than yourself.

Ask And Accept

Peace, love and happiness are for all to experience. Believe it or not, even you’re worthy to have these things too – all you have to do is ask and accept.

The Most Boring Word

The most boring word in any language is “I”. It’s wonderful to be self-confident and self-sufficient, however, it’s not all about you. There is nothing more monotonous than hearing someone talk about themselves and their accomplishments endlessly. Being self-centered is not the same as having self-confidence.

Postpone Joy

Don’t postpone joy.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Success Requires Diligence, Persistence And Patience

Before you give up think about how unfortunate it would be if the results you have worked to achieve required just a bit more additional effort. How disheartening would it be if the train you’ve been waiting for arrived five minutes after you walked out of the station? Not only does success require diligent effort, it requires persistence and patience.

The Entire Universe Deserve Your Love And Affection

The worst loneliness – the kind you can’t escape – is when you are uncomfortable with yourself. If you feel lonely when you’re alone, it’s time to start loving yourself more. You YOURSELF, as much as anybody in this entire universe deserve your love and affection.

Transformation And Growth

Personal transformation and growth can be remarkably rewarding, but only when the process of change is based on honesty and truth. When you’re not being authentic somewhere in your life or with someone in your life, any attempt at transformation eventually leads to anger and frustration. The truth always creeps back up on you, does not cease to exist when you ignore it.

Create What You Do Want

Don’t fight against what you don’t want, create what you do want. Don’t punish those you have cause you pain. Don’t focus on what you are running away from; give your attention to the great things you want to create in your life.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cruel And Unwanted Criticisms

Be constructive. Giving yourself cruel and unwanted criticisms will not only put you in a bad mood. It surely won't help you improve either. Be constructive in your criticisms of yourself so you can grow and learn.

Creating A Calming And Positive Environment

Surround yourself with positive images. Make your desk your own private happy getaway. Put up pictures of things that make you happy to create a calming and positive environment.

Rejoice And Be Thankful

Be grateful! You have food to eat, clothes to wear, shoes on your feet and family and friends. Rejoice and be thankful!

Create A Family

Create a family of friends whom you can share your hopes, dreams, sorrows, and happiness with.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kindness Is The Only Investment

Smile at people who look like they are having a rough day. Be kind to them. Kindness is the only investment that never fails. And wherever there is a human being, there's an opportunity for kindness. Learn to give, even if it's just a smile, not because you have to much but because you understand there are so many others who feel like they have nothing at all.

Promises, Terms And Conditions

Relationships do not need promises, terms, and conditions. It just needs two wonderful people, one who can trust and one who can understand.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Make Everything You Touch Better

Make everything you touch better. Improve everything you touch; make every relationship you are a part of better. Find the good everywhere and be the source of good everywhere. Be optimistic, encouraging and supportive. Don’t just talk about being better – DO IT!

Which Bridge To Cross

One of the hardest lessons in life to learn is figuring out which bridges to cross.   

You Were Born With Intrinsic Greatness

Know who you are and be true to it – no matter what. You are each born with intrinsic greatness – gifts – that are unique to you. You should avidly discover and live these gifts – and be proud of what makes you, you. Learn to listen to and trust your own voice more than the voices of others. Stand for what you believe. Be courageous. And always allow others to be true to who they are.

Love Each Day

Love each day. You don’t get this day back so treasure it. Love it. Share it. Respect it. Be present. Make memories. Accept what comes your way – don’t complain – just make the most of what you get.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The New Planting

The ending of a job or a relationship may appear as a dark moment in your life but it is merely the time of renewal and rebirth that has preceded the new planting – the beginning of the next great cycle in your life.


Karma: every act done, no matter how insignificant, will eventually return to the doer with equal impact. Good is returned with good - evil with evil.

You Unknowingly Inspire

There are people in your life that you unknowingly inspire simply by being YOU!

Don't Discount Your Idea

You don’t need a ton of resources to see your dream come to fruition. You just need a vision and the willingness to work hard. Remember that some of the most successful companies started in the basements, so don’t discount your idea just because you don’t know how to implement it yet.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Being Spiritual

Being spiritual doesn’t mean being religious or following someone else’s ideals, it means to believe in the goodness in the World. It means to love and have faith in all of nature. Life is beautiful and we should appreciate nature in its entire splendor. When we unravel the beauty in nature, we reveal beauty in ourselves.

When You Smile . . .

A smile is free so give it away. I believe when you smile, it makes you feel good and improves your attitude. It makes the people around you happy and wants to connect to you. A smile is something that doesn’t cost anything and everyone can do.

Loving-Kindness And Compassion

Loving-kindness and compassion are the basis for wise, powerful, sometimes gentle, and sometimes fierce actions that can really make a difference -- in our own lives and those of others.

Advancing A Better World

My happiness comes from my commitment to advancing a better world.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Your Potential

You create your surroundings with your thoughts and attitude. You focus and see only the beauty and perfection that surrounds yourself. You live in a beautiful, peaceful, loving and abundant world. All your thoughts and words are positive. Your attitude and demeanor is always joyful, giving and harmonious. Your intelligence and creativity are infinite, Your potential immeasurable and my success endless. You have it all!

Unspeakable Suffering

Deep unspeakable suffering may well be called a baptism, regeneration, and the initiation into a new state.

The Gift Of Encouragement

One of the most beautiful gifts in the world is the gift of encouragement. When someone encourages you, that person helps you over a threshold you might otherwise never have crossed on your own.

I Am Free