Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What is the difference between right and wrong?

I think the majority of people feel that the difference between right wrong stems from the Bible i.e. good & evil.

Most people say that the difference between right and wrong is how you as a person feel in the end, happy/sad, good/bad.

But you must also ask yourself how many people feel bad about doing something wrong if they do not get caught. Or even better how many people would do the wrong thing knowing that they will not be found out.

I guess you would just have to ask yourself how u would want to be treated if u were in a similar situation. For if you feel that that is the right way to handle certain situations, than it must be right, right. For no one actually knows that they are doing wrong until someone points it out to them and then tells them that it shouldn't be done that way. Doing it still after you know the difference this will then be wrong.

This also brings the perception of right and wrong of the society we live/grew up in. I.E. the people pointing out that what you are doing is wrong. Therefore, it can be determined by your own beliefs as a person, your peers/society, or your religious beliefs.

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