Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Barrier Between You and the Blessings You Have Created.

Perhaps you have experienced moments in your life when, despite doing all the “right” spiritual work, the results still do not manifest. Why is this? Is it because we do not deserve them? Or perhaps we have not done quite enough to earn them? These are questions we have all asked at one time or another, and the answer is simple. Quite often we have earned the blessings, but they cannot flow into our life simply because we have left a barrier between ourselves and those blessings. This barrier is called ego.

Ego means we think we are better than someone. It means, therefore, we can become angry or annoyed at this person and treat him or her poorly. It means, therefore, we can be jealous when someone has more than we do, and we can talk badly about them and wish them ill. It means we can dismiss people we deem insignificant and unworthy of our time or love. These are all the tell-tale signs of ego.

This week, focus on how you treat people. Notice when you are being dismissive, or mean, or jealous. Work on being kinder and more considerate and offering every single person that crosses your path a modicum of human dignity. But please do not do this because it’s “the spiritual thing to do” or to be “a good person.” Do it because you know in your heart that it will remove the barrier between you and the blessings you have created.

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